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As a young CEO, I struggled for a while to measure productivity, effectiveness, and in finding the answer to the question “are we working on the right stuff?” Then I started using the StandupPro framework daily. Now we are a more aligned, communicative, and productive team than ever before. I attribute a lot of that to this framework. I highly recommend other leaders to implement it.

Alex Smereczniak, CEO, 2ULaundry

We developed this meeting and accountability framework while running a 15-person co-located startup. The results were instantaneous. Prior to implementing it, we struggled to stay on the same page, after instituting it, we sold to a strategic acquirer. (while VP of Operations at

Emir Dukic, CEO, Rabbu

Before moving to a daily standup, we were having a really difficult time with communication. I thought I would get pushback about moving from 30-minute meetings twice a week to 15-minutes every day, but it was a relatively easy transition. Within a week the whole team noticed how the small change made such a big difference.

Sam Smith, CEO, Vishion



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Questions and Answers

Yes. Things change so quickly for modern business teams that daily alignment is incredibly important. You’ll get the most value out of StandupPro if you meet daily.

A team is any interdependent group of people working towards a goal. Build your teams in StandupPro based on functional interdependencies. Keep teams to under 15 people so the meeting stays short.

Part of the value of StandupPro is forcing you and your teammates to prioritize harshly and communicate effectively. It is  not a to-do list. Give 1 goal a try and see how that helps everyone’s perspective.

The StandupPro framework is based around fast-paced daily briefings that include each member of interdependent teams

Building great business teams is rewarding, but it’s also hard. We’re here to make it easier.